Why I’ll never sideload apps on iPhone

By | March 28, 2022

The European Union may soon force Apple and Google to allow the practice of sideloading apps on iPhone and Android, respectively. It’s already possible for Android users to install any apps they want, regardless of where they come from. But the new Digital Markets Act (DMA) would also impose the practice on Apple, which would have to comply.

The same law, which could come into effect in October, would force Apple and Google to support third-party stores on iPhone and Android. And to allow third-party app stores on these platforms. Again, Android already does this.

Also notable is that third-party stores would imply support for third-party payment systems. That means Apple and Google would have to let developers choose how to charge customers for digital content. The user will have to decide how to pay for apps, movies, music, and books on those platforms.

Many people might think this is a good thing. And other markets might follow the EU’s lead and pass similar legislation, forcing Apple to allow app sideloading on iPhone. But I’ll tell you right away, developers, I’ll never sideload your apps on the iPhone — or on Android, for that matter.

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