Surface Laptop Studio review: One well-built, weird convertible PC

By | October 13, 2021

Enlarge / The Surface Laptop Studio with its screen popped out. (credit: Andrew Cunningham)

The Surface Pro 8, with its larger screen and performance improvements, is the star of Microsoft’s Surface lineup. But for people who prefer true laptops to convertible tablets, there’s a new member of the family that merits a look: the Surface Laptop Studio.

Like the old Surface Book, the Surface Laptop Studio wants to be a regular laptop with the option to get the keyboard out of the way when it’s time to draw or write with the Surface Pen. But where the Surface Book’s screen could be removed entirely from its base, the Laptop Studio has an attached screen with a folding hinge—not totally unlike the old Surface Studio desktop that it’s named for.

So where does the Surface Laptop Studio fit into the new Surface lineup? How does it stack up to the old Surface Book design? And how does it compare to other premium large-screened laptops from the other PC makers?

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