Samsung’s new 4K smart monitor has a magnetic wireless webcam

By | March 29, 2022

Enlarge / Samsung is selling the monitor in (clockwise from top left): Sunset Pink, Warm White, Spring Green, and Daylight Blue. (credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s M8 monitor, announced on Monday, is being positioned to replace your USB webcam and smart TV. The 32-inch 4K smart monitor has a wireless webcam that you can remove and attach via magnets. The TV also features built-in apps, including Netflix and Hulu, that work without a PC connection.

The M8’s 1080p webcam attaches to a holster in the camera via a four-pin connector, a Samsung rep told Ars Technica. The holster is connected to a port on the monitor, giving the camera power and connecting it to the PC. As such, it appears the camera won’t work with another monitor. Once in place, you can tilt the camera or remove it for privacy when it’s not in use.

This differs from a magnetic, wireless webcam prototype Dell showed us in December. Dell’s concept cam detached from the monitor so you could place it in the ideal location, such as the center of the monitor, for the perfect angle. Samsung’s magnetic webcam attempts to help you find the perfect angle through face tracking and auto-zoom.

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