MSI challenges Lenovo, HP with Tile-tracking laptops

By | March 24, 2022

Enlarge / MSI introduced the E14 Flip Evo 2-in-1 (pictured) today. (credit: MSI)

The newest laptops in MSI’s highest-end productivity and business lineup should now be easier to locate should you misplace them. The refreshed Summit laptops include a new model, the Summit E14 Flip Evo, and they take a page from HP and Lenovo laptops by integrating Tile’s Bluetooth trackers.

Once users activate the feature in the preloaded Windows Tile app (which requires the Internet), they can use Tile’s smartphone app to track down their missing PC. The distance from which the phone can track the laptop varies by the phone’s Bluetooth version, an MSI rep told Ars Technica. For example, with Bluetooth 5.0, tracking will work from up to 400 feet away, MSI said.

MSI’s new Summit laptops will be able to use Tile’s Ring My PC feature, which makes the PC emit a noise if it’s within Bluetooth range, even if the PC is off.

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