iPhone 13 review roundup: Best phones ever, but not everyone should upgrade

By | September 22, 2021

If it’s the Tuesday before the new iPhone release, it means the first reviews are out, and this year is no different. The first iPhone 13 reviews are already out, and we’re giving you the roundup you’ve been looking for. The reviews detail the first hands-on experiences with this year’s four new handsets. What’s different this year compared to last year is that all four iPhones are back for a regular September launch. That means all of them hit stores on the same day, which is Friday, September 24th. And all of them have been available for pre-order since last Friday. Of note, most models have sold out online by now.

The early reviews all agree that the iPhone 13 models are great handsets. From iPhone 13 mini to iPhone 13 Pro Max, they’re powerful, they feature great designs, better cameras, and better batteries. But the reviews also seem to paint a clear picture. The iPhone 13 series isn’t a must-have upgrade if you’re on the iPhone 12 right now. But everyone else rocking iPhone 11 models and older should consider the new generation. Also, reviewers hardly seem to mind the new notch size.

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