Best Buy will pick up your unwanted tech, appliances, and money

By | April 21, 2022

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Best Buy announced on Wednesday a new haul-away recycling service for technology products and appliances. For $200, the company will come to your home and take away your unwanted TVs, PC monitors, kitchen appliances, and more.

Best Buy’s Standalone Haul-Away service takes up to two large items, like all-in-one computers, TVs of various types,¬†cooktops, and¬†refrigerators. They also take an unlimited number of smaller pieces of tech and appliances, like laptops, hard drives, video game consoles, keyboards, calculators, and curling irons. But there are some things even Best Buy doesn’t want, like your old 8-tracks, DVDs, Blu-rays, software, instruments, toasters, and waffle makers. You can see a full list of what Best Buy will and won’t take here.

Best Buy will give a 20 percent discount on the service to members of Best Buy Totaltech, which includes services like 24/7/365 Geek Squad access and free 2-day shipping for $200 a year.

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