First details leak on Project Iris, Google’s next AR headset

Enlarge / Product photography of the Google Glass wearable. Project Iris won’t look like this; it is said to more closely resemble ski goggles than casual glasses. (credit: Google) Google engineers are developing a new augmented reality (AR) headset, according to a report by The Verge citing two people familiar with the project. Google hopes to ship the… Read More »

Apple just lowered trade-in prices on over 20 recent Android phones

New phones are expensive. If you want the latest, high-end model from Apple, Samsung, or any other vendor, you’re going to spend close to $1,000. That’s why so many people choose to trade in their old devices when they’re ready to upgrade. Unfortunately, the companies that make your phones decide how much the old phones are worth as… Read More »

Are Companies Ready for the Global Legislative Changes Around Flexible Work?

This summer, the U.S. Biden administration issued soft guidance to make flexible working conditions for its federal employees more acceptable post-pandemic. The British government then took it a step further with its recent open consultation proposing a reform of the flexible working regulations in England, Wales, and Scotland that would extend the right to request flexible work from… Read More »

Our first look at redesigned Task Manager for Windows 11

Windows 11 updates the design of tart Menu, Action Center, and even taskbar, but one of the features not getting as much love as others in recent versions of the OS is the Task Manager. Windows Task Manager remains the most useful tool, but its overall interface is mostly the same as in Windows 7. One would expect… Read More »

Clench your jaw to skip a track: That’s the magic of Wisear

By adding some electrodes and some electronics to your earbuds, Wisear can make your music experience a lot more hands-free than before. Bite down on your own teeth twice to pause a track, or three times to skip to the next tune — without making a noise, hand gesture or much visible movement at all, the technology enables… Read More »

Google brings Android games to Windows in limited (very limited) beta

Enlarge / Google’s Windows Android app store. (credit: Google) As it announced in December, Google is bringing Android games to Windows. The project is simply called “Google Play Games,” and the Windows version is now open for beta sign-ups. The catch is that Google Play Games is getting a very limited distribution: you’ll need to be in Korea, Taiwan, or Hong… Read More »

Google Play Games is finally bringing Android games to Windows 11

One of the biggest features coming to Windows 11 is support for Android apps. But there’s a catch. Microsoft inked a deal to bring the Amazon Appstore to Windows, instead of Google Play. But Windows 11’s support for Android apps means you can install the Google Play store on your PC unofficially. Separately, there’s one other way to… Read More »

Overcoming Cybersecurity Assessment and Audit Confusion

Cybersecurity has become the most critical concern of this digital world. We have seen 160 million data compromise victims in the latest reports, much higher than the previous year’s records. The primary reason behind this dramatic rise is unsecured cloud databases. Don’t you think it’s a warning for all the companies out there in the market? Yes, it… Read More »

Filmhub, backed by $6.8M from a16z and others, helps filmmakers get their work streamed

As the streaming market grows, so has the demand for content. But even though it’s now easier than ever for filmmakers to create, distribution is still often controlled by traditional systems — meaning many filmmakers are still being shut out of Hollywood if they don’t have the right connections. A company called Filmhub is working to solve this… Read More »

IBPS PO Mains 2021 on 22nd January 2022: Check PO Mains Preparation Strategies Section-wise

Check IBPS PO Mains 2021 Section-wise Preparation Strategies for English, Reasoning & Computer Aptitude, Data Analysis & Interpretation, and General/Economy/Banking Awareness. The IBPS SO Mains 2021 will be held on 22nd January 2021 to fill up 4135 PO/MTs in 11 Public Sector Banks.