How to Bypass Bandwidth Throttling: Tips and Tricks for Increased Speed

Has your ISP been throttling your bandwidth during different hours of the day, and it’s getting on your nerves? It’s understood how frustrating it may be, especially when your ISP decides to limit your speeds regularly. But, unfortunately, this throttling ruins your online streaming and gaming experience, something no one wants to experience. Don’t worry anymore! Follow this… Read More »

Microsoft accidentally confirms Windows 10 22H2 (Build 19045)

Windows 11 will be getting its first big feature update ‘version 22H2’ soon. Now it looks like Windows 10 22H2 (the next big feature update for the old operating system) is also coming later this year as it has been accidentally confirmed by Microsoft. As Microsoft officials have previously stated, the company hasn’t completely forgotten about Windows 10.… Read More »

The ruling against Juuling?

Hello and welcome back to Week in Review, your one-stop spot for the biggest stories from the week. Greg Kumparak is off enjoying the beginning of summer and has entrusted me to keep you updated in his absence. If you want this in your inbox every Saturday, sign up here. And while you’re at it, check out our… Read More »

LCD vs. LED vs. Mini LED vs. OLED: A quick guide

Enlarge / Magnifying the differences, similarities, pros, and cons. (credit: Aurich Lawson) Somewhere along the line, consumer display technology became an alphabet soup full of terms using the letters “LED.” In this succinct guide, we’ll provide a brief overview of common initialisms found in the world of TV, PC monitor, and laptop displays. To keep things simple, we’ll… Read More »

Italian spyware used to hack iOS and Android phones

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) revealed this week that an Italian company’s hacking tools were being used to hack iOS and Android devices. According to the report, Italy’s RCS Lab “uses a combination of tactics” to target mobile phones. RCS Lab claims that it provides law enforcement agencies with technological solutions for the “lawful interception” of user data.… Read More »

A Complete Guide to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Implementation

Have you ever wondered how certain businesses manage to stay ahead of the curve no matter how many pandemics hit? Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based solution that combines ERP and CRM to offer the full power of innovative technology. One of its primary benefits is the seamless connectivity across your organizational systems that makes data siloes a… Read More »

Agniveer Vayu Selection in Air Force – A Detailed Analysis | Expert Speak | Falguni Goswami

Agniveer Vayu Selection in Air Force: In Air Force, Agniveerswill be known as Agniveervayu and will be recruited from all parts of the nation through an All-India competitive examination process utilizing contemporary technology, practices and systems. Get Detailed Analysis of the Selection Process Here.

Juul can keep selling vaping products in the US for now

A federal appeals court froze the FDA’s ban on Juul products Friday after the company sought an emergency administrative stay. On Thursday, the U.S. regulator took sweeping action against the e-cigarette maker, effectively killing its access to the U.S. market. The temporary stay will be in place essentially to buy time until the case can properly be heard… Read More »

Apple’s AR/VR headset will arrive in January 2023, analyst projects

Gifts for Summer Birthdays, Events and Company Achievement Awards

It’s a fact. If you care about people — you will likely never get over the gift-giving in your life. To help yourself out — always keep an eye out for unusual gifts and grab something when it’s on sale. I get cheap on stuff (my staff calls it cheap-a), but I won’t repeat that here. Pruse gift… Read More »